Cases and Regulatory Impacts

Foreign investors have sued governments in numerous cases under investment treaties and investment contracts. These lawsuits give rise to debate because of their potential impacts on government decision-making, their cost, and the manner in which they are decided.

Known cases, up to May 2010, can be searched in the IIAPP database. The database provides descriptive information and points to avenues for further research on particular cases. Information in the database is not comprehensive because international investment arbitration in some forums is highly confidential and because the database does not include arbitrations under investment contracts.


Who has been sued? Whose nationals have been suing?

The IIAPP database is searchable by name of the respondent state. The search results also indicate the primary nationality of the claimant.

Analyses of the data are available here on respondent state by treaty type and claimant nationality by treaty type


What areas of policy are affected? 

Investment treaty cases have affected different areas of policy. Below is an outline of policy areas that appear, from the text of publicly-available arbitration awards, to be engaged by cases in the IIAPP database. Summaries of some cases are provided as examples; other cases can be identified by searching the database. The cases identified below, or searches of the database, may not be exhaustive of cases affecting a given policy area.

Examples of policy areas (full list of categories and sub-topics):

agriculture: Chemtura v Canada, Eastern Sugar v Czech Republic

cultural heritage: Glamis Gold v United States, Parkerings v Lithuania

employment: Eastern Sugar v Czech Republic

environmental protection: Burlington Resources v Ecuador, Chemtura v Canada, Clayton/ Bilcon v Canada, Glamis Gold v United States, Lucchetti v Peru, Plama v Bulgaria, SD Myers v Canada, Vattenfall v Germany 

health care: Howard/ Centurion Health v Canada

human rights: Glamis Gold v United States, Foresti v South Africa

indigenous rights: Burlington Resources v Ecuador, Glamis Gold v United States

industrial policy: Canfor/ Tembec/ Terminal v United States, Foresti v South Africa, Micula v Romania

land use planning: Lucchetti v Peru, MTD Equity v Chile, Parkerings v Lithuania

local government: Aguas del Tunari v Bolivia, Lucchetti v Peru, MTD Equity v Chile, Vattenfall v Germany 

monetary system: Beccara v Argentina, Continental Casualty v Argentina, Gruslin v Malaysia

privatization: Aguas del Tunari v Bolivia, Centurion Health v Canada, Continental Casualty v ArgentinaFraport v Philippines, Parkerings v Lithuania, Plama v Bulgaria

public contracting: Burlington Resources v Ecuador, Fraport v Philippines, Saipem v Bangladesh, SD Myers v Canada, Wena Hotels v Egypt

public health: Aguas del Tunari v Bolivia, Chemtura v Canada, SD Myers v Canada

resource management: Burlington Resources v Ecuador, Clayton/ Bilcon v Canada, Foresti v South Africa, Glamis Gold v United States, Lucchetti v Peru, Vattenfall v Germany 

social security: Continental Casualty v Argentina

sovereign borrowing: Beccara v Argentina

taxation: Plama v Bulgaria

water: Aguas del Tunari v Bolivia

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